Professional wedding disc jockey, David Stefanelli.


Q: Do you offer a written contract?

A: Yes I do. It's a basic agreement that we both sign.

Q: What methods of payment do you accept?

A: Checks, cash or credit cards.

Q: Are you insured?

A: Yes, I am.

Q: How long have you been a DJ/musician?

A: Most of my life. I have been on stage as a drummer and then DJ since my early teens.

Q: How do you coordinate all the music and announcements?

A: I do all of the gathering of music and announcements by using planning flowsheets I email to my couples online. This is for both ceremony (if the ceremony is at the venue of the reception) and reception. We work on it together. These flowsheets are basically questionairs that are designed in the style of traditional wedding ceremony and reception formats. OR, if you have something unique we make that fantastic as well. You may have all the songs planned or you may need suggestions of which I am here to give.

Q: How versatile are you with your playlist?

A: With the ease of digital storage AND the music clubs I belong to, my song collection is very diverse. I literally have hundreds of thousands songs at my disposal.

Q: What styles of weddings have you been a DJ at?

A: I am proud to say that I have been the DJ at a very diverse array of celebrations including traditional American, Asian, Urban, Greek, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Jewish, and Hindi. All have been wonderful blessings with allowing me to extend my musical knowledge of different cultures and traditions.

Q: What is your approach on playing rap music at weddings?

A: I have always liked the fun rap music that at one time was the norm for rap. Many of the tracks are good hearted and great to dance to. I do not and will not play any hard core rap with negative messages or embarrassing lyrics.

Q: Do you use pre-made playlists and take breaks?

A: The only playlist I will use is if the cocktail hour is held in a different room than where my main DJ set-up is located. I bring an additional, small speaker and use a playlist there. Once your guests are moved to the main reception area, I really like to stay at my DJ table and feel out the guests as the reception unfolds.

Q: How do you know what music we like?

A: On the flowsheet I use to gather the information, I ask for a DO PLAY LIST and also a DO NOT PLAY list. This helps me find out the types of music you want and do not want.

Q: What is the Hand Drum/Percussion you offer as an add on?

A: It started in the hip clubs of New York City when DJ’s would invite percussionists to join in LIVE with them as they played tracks, creating something very new and very exciting. During the dance portion of the event, I use bongos and djembe drums as I spin dance tracks and perform LIVE on the hand drums. Live hand drums add a special excitement to the DJ experience without overshadowing the celebration. You and your guests will love this. * Live Percussion is offered as a special addition to the DJ package upon request and comes with an additional fee.

Q: Do you talk a lot on the microphone?

A: I keep things light and positive but I DO NOT get on the mic and just speak in an exagerated, stereo-typical DJ voice. Not my style. It's more about the music and getting you and your guests dancing and smiling.